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Keep your Entire Office Connected for less

Enjoy our new elite service that offers enhanced download speeds and wireless capability through an advanced digital lightning fast network. Businesses today require best-in-class Internet connectivity offered by trueSTREAM to keep your business operating smoothly.
Get DSL Extreme's trueSTREAM Broadband Dynamic IP connection, 1 year contract starting at $45.00
  • Download speeds available up to 1Gbps!
  • FREE Professional Installation (normally $199)
  • FREE 24/7 Business Support Specialists
  • Static IP packages available
Internet Nirvana at last
2014-11-01 John T. Elite 6.0Mbps 5
I am happy with the fast speeds and great support from DSL Extreme
2014-11-02 Mary S. Max 12Mbps 4
Good value for the money, Excellent support, reliable,
no data caps. I would recommend DSL Extreme trueSTREAM
2014-11-02 Mike S. Max Turbo 24Mbps 5
I love DSLExtreme, they are awesome. It is rare to find a company who actually cares about the customer
2014-10-25 Alyssa M. Elite 6.0Mbps 5
All I can say is WOW, we are talking the fastest internet I have ever had
2014-11-10 Cristian Power 45Mbps 4
Fast, easy install; great speeds; good value; can finally ditch landline
2014-11-09 Michelle G. Max 12Mbps 5









  • 12Mbps Download
  • 1Mbps Upload
  • Dynamic IP connection
  • 1 year contract
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  • 24Mbps Download
  • 3Mbps Upload
  • Dynamic IP connection
  • 1 year contract
View more on 24
  • 3.0Mbps Download
  • 1Mbps Upload
  • Dynamic IP connection
  • 1 year contract
View more on 3.0
  • 45Mbps Download
  • 6Mbps Upload
  • Dynamic IP connection
  • 1 year contract
View more on 45
.  Interested in another speed? View all of our trueSTREAM Business speeds and pricing
Pricing above is available for new Business Internet customers. After 12 months, standard rate applies unless canceled by customer. Promotional rates may no longer
apply if customer changes their speed tier during term. 12-month term required.
  • What sets trueSTREAM apart from other internet services?
  • trueSTREAM Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • A super-fast Internet connection utilizing a advanced digital lightning fast network to enable more speed, reliability, and connectivity than ever before
  • Uncapped, unlimited Internet bandwidth to keep you connected – whether you're uploading crucial data to the cloud, having a video conference call or downloading programs
  • A perfect high-speed option with a Wi-Fi network - where you can connect multiple data devices simultaneously from computers to tablets to smartphones - enabling you to have all of your employees stay connected and productive at work
Free Wi-Fi

Turn your office into a Wireless hub

All of our trueSTREAM packages include a wireless modem/gateway. Now you can utilize all the bandwidth from our Premium services to all the connected computers and wireless devices in your office. Even if you currently have a wireless router you'll love to upgrade to our all-in-one hardware. It'll cut down on the clutter and maximize your wireless performance.
Free ProInstall

For a limited time get a FREE Professional Installation (normally $199)

We also want to make sure your trueSTREAM service is activated without a hitch! That's why we're including a professional installation for FREE. When you place your Order you'll be able to choose the most convienent date and time for a technician to visit your location. They'll get your line ready for our high-speed network and setup the modem/gateway for you.
For even more information about trueSTREAM, view our answers to frequently asked questions

• What equipment do I need for trueSTREAM?

All trueSTREAM clients will be required to lease a wireless gateway modem at the time of installation. In addition, the end-user's computer must meet recommended minimum system requirements.

• How do I install trueSTREAM?

All trueSTREAM installations are done professionally by a network technician. For a limited time the $199 Installation fee is being waived for all new orders. The professional installation includes up to 1 hour of necessary inside wiring work.

• What features come with my trueSTREAM?

trueSTREAM service comes with ten e-mail accounts with 7 GB of storage each, anti-spam filtering, online word processing tools, online account access and 24/7 technical support.

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