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Get 5x the Speed of Ordinary Dialup

Can't get High-Speed Internet at your location? Want a low priced backup line or a connection for when you travel? Then our X-Dial Accelerated Dialup is perfect for you!
  • FREE No-Risk 30-Day Trial
  • UNLIMITED 56k Internet Access
  • No Busy Signals... Ever!
  • FREE Activation & FREE Support
  • 70GB of Email Storage & FREE Online Tools
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No need to worry about any contracts! Pay for your Dialup on a Month-to-Month basis and be free to cancel at anytime


Quarterly Prepaid

Only $35.85 every 3 months!

No need to worry about any Monthly bills! Pay for 3 Months of our X-Dial High Speed Dialup Service


Semi-Annual Prepaid

Only $65.70 every 6 months!

No need to worry about any Monthly bills! Pay for 6 Months of our X-Dial High Speed Dialup Service


Annual Prepaid Dialup

Only $119.40 every 12 months!

No need to worry about any Monthly bills! Pay for the entire year of our X-Dial High Speed Dialup Service
Pricing above is based on Pre-payment for the specified length of time.
DSL Extreme can help you save every month on your Internet Service. If you're in an area that doesn't qualify for High-Speed DSL you can still get fast internet and our award-winning support.

Prepaid Contracts If desired

By offering prepayments for up to 12 months on your Dial-Up internet we take the hassle out of worrying about monthly bills. You'll have up to 1 full year of paid and unlimited Internet service.

X-Dial Acceleration

Using our own special compression technology, web pages will load faster than on your traditional Dial-Up connection. We compress frequently used websites and images so that when you request them they'll be downloaded directly from us. Since you're dialing in directly to our servers that cuts down your download times drastically.

More Extras

We offer TONS of included services over any other Internet Service Provider. With DSL Extreme you get:

• Unlimited Internet: Stay connected as long as you want and download as much as you'd like
• 70GB of Email and Tools: We're one of the few service providers who can offer you 70GB of Email storage, with up to 10 extra email addresses, and an entire suite of Online Tools supplied by Google. This means you get an online Calendar, Office-style utilities, online Document storage, Photo & Image uploading and much, much more!
• Trusted Connections: Use one of our thousands of local Access Numbers to connection quickly and easily
• 30 Day FREE Trial: See if you like our Accelerated Dial-Up first. You get 30 Days to try it out. If you're not completely satisfied you can cancel within that 30 day window and your account won't be charged anything!
• Get Running Quickly: Once you place your Order our software is quick to download and easy to install!

What is Dialup?

Dial-up Internet access is a form of Internet access that uses the facilities of the public switched telephone network (PSTN) to establish a dialed connection to an Internet service provider (ISP) via telephone lines. The user's computer or router uses an attached modem to encode and decode Internet Protocol packets and control information into and from analogue audio frequency signals, respectively. The term was coined during the early days of computer telecommunications when modems were needed to connect terminals or computers running terminal emulator software to mainframes, minicomputers, online services and bulletin board systems via a telephone line.

Dial-up connections to the Internet require no infrastructure other than the telephone network. As telephone access is widely available, dial-up remains useful to travellers. Dial-up is often the only choice available for rural or remote areas where broadband installations are not prevalent due to low population and demand. Dial-up access may also be an alternative for users on limited budgets as it is offered free by some ISPs, though broadband is increasingly available at lower prices in many countries due to market competition.

Dial-up requires time to establish a usable telephone connection (up to several seconds, depending on the location) and perform handshaking for protocol synchronization before data transfers can take place. In locales with telephone connection charges, each connection incurs an incremental cost. If calls are time-metered, the duration of the connection incurs costs. Dial-up access is a transient connection, because either the user, ISP or phone company terminates the connection. Internet service providers will often set a limit on connection durations to prevent hogging of access, and will disconnect the user—requiring reconnection and the costs and delays associated with it. Technically-inclined users often find a way to disable the auto-disconnect program such that they can remain connected for days.

Source: Wikipedia definitions for Dial-up

Frequently Asked Questions about our Accelerated Dial-Up Service

• What happens when people call me while I'm online?

If you're connecting to the Internet on your primary phone line then anyone who calls you will hear a busy signal. We recommend connecting to your Dial-Up on a secondary or fax line inside of the house.

• What are the computer requirements of your Accelerated Dial-Up?

You will need a Windows 98,98 SE,Me,2000,XP,Vista or 7 PC at least 90MHz or faster with at least a 28.8K modem or a Mac with OS X with at least 333MHz. The minimum hardware requirements for these operating systems will be fine for our Dial-up.

• Are there any additional Monthly Charges?

DSL Extreme Dial-Up will not cost any extra then the pricing posted above. You may incur charges from your telephone company if our Access Number is not considered a local call. For more information on whether an Access Number is local or not call your operater and ask them about any of our Access Numbers

• Can I use my DSL Extreme email with my current Email client?

Yes. Your @dslextreme.com email can be connected by all the major email clients. We have setup instructions for most of the popular programs.

• Can I access my DSL Extreme email from other computers?

Yes. Your @dslextreme.com email address can be accessed from anywhere in the world! Just visit dslextreme.com/webmail

• What if I need Technical Support?

We give you 2 options for support. You can email or call us. For support please go to our Main Support page.

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