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DSL Extreme's sister company, Broadvoice, simplifies the way your business communicates. Moving your phone system from your closet to our Cloud PBX allows you to take advantage of the features of a Fortune 500 phone system at a fraction of the cost. Empower your team members to communicate freely and work anywhere, anytime and on any device. Let us show you how!
  • Crystal Clear HD Voice
  • Unprecedented reliability with our geo-redundant cloud platform
  • Personalized customer service with a dedicated account executive
  • Astonishing monthly savings!

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Why switch to the Broadvoice Cloud PBX?

Cost Savings

Get unlimited calling in the US and Canada. You'll also get our low international rates. Since Broadvoice will operate your phone system you'll eliminate the extra expenses for PBX hardware and maintenance.

Device Flexibility

Whether you'd like to use a traditional phone or a more convienent mobile or softphone app, we've got you covered. You'll still have all of the same great features and low rates no matter how you connect.


The Broadvoice network is completely geo-redundant with locations on both coasts in the USA. This allows for seamless uninterrupted service.

Dedicated Representative

Tired of talking with multiple support or billing representatives? With Broadvoice, you get a dedicated account rep that knows you by name, and knows your business needs.

Learn more about the Cloud PBX on the Broadvoice website

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a cloud based phone system?
    A cloud phone system is basically a phone system stored or hosted in the cloud (Internet network or server) instead of on hardware in your office. With the cloud, there is no need to purchase and store outdated hardware at your workplace that will be obsolete in just months.
  • What do I need to switch to the Broadvoice Cloud PBX?
    Broadvoice will take care of everything. We can provide you with everything from the phones to bandwidth. Broadvoice is your one stop shop for a hosted PBX solution.
  • Are there any maintenance fees or licensing fees?
    There are no additional fees for the service, most of the features come free. Premium features can be easily added as we roll them out. Talk about convenience!
  • I have my own phones, can I use them?
    Broadvoice has performed extensive interop testing with the major IP phone manufacturers (Cisco & Polycom) and we can offer a full scope of support for these devices. We also offer ATA devices that can be used to integrate with existing analogue phone devices.
  • What happens if I need help configuring my settings, or if something breaks in the middle of the night?
    Broadvoice's support staff is on call 24/7. Broadvoice also has monitoring equipment that allows us to determine if your network is down.
  • My company has several locations all over the world, can the Cloud PBX handle this?
    Yes! This is where Broadvoice Cloud PBX comes in handy. You can have multiple locations across the globe. Or even people working from home. Broadvoice Cloud PBX brings all of the great phone features to them, wherever they are.
  • I have many employees on the go with mobile phones, can Broadvoice Cloud PBX help?
    Yes, of course! You can take our service with you. Because everything is in the cloud, you can be on the go and still take advantage of all of the great features Broadvoice has to offer.

View more Frequently Asked Questions on the Broadvoice website
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