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Your work productivity shouldn't suffer because of slow internet. We offer speeds and reliability for Businesses that is unmatched by AT&T and Verizon. We also offer more extras.
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Want faster downloads?

Get speeds up to 1Gbps!
Basic: 1000Kbps


  • 1.0Mbps Download
  • 384Kbps Upload
  • 1 Dynamic IP
  • 1 Year Contract
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Enjoy the benefits of a fast, always on Broadband connection at Dial-Up prices. Being 17X faster than Dial-Up it's perfect for basic web browsing and checking email.
Express: 1500Kbps


  • 1.5Mbps Download
  • 384Kbps Upload
  • 1 Dynamic IP
  • 1 Year Contract
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This is our most popular and best value package! Being 25X faster than Dial-Up it's perfect for the single family computer to browse the Internet, check email and share photos.
Pro: 3000Kbps


  • 3.0Mbps Download
  • 768Kbps Upload
  • 1 Dynamic IP
  • 1 Year Contract
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This is our recommend package for clients looking to run a Small Home Network and connect all of their computers to their Connection. This has download Speeds up to 3000kbps.
Elite: 7100Kbps


  • 7.1Mbps Download
  • 768Kbps Upload
  • 1 Dynamic IP
  • 1 Year Contract
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Have a need for speed? Being 125X faster than Dial-Up it's great for the avid Internet user who Streams or Downloads Videos, Music and more. This package is great for clients looking to maximize their Internet.
Pricing above is available to New Clients in select Verizon areas under a 12 Month Contract with a Dynamic IP and does not reflect all applicable taxes and fees. Business, Residence, Static IP and Month-to-Month pricing may vary. Final monthly pricing will be displayed before confirming your Order.
It seems there have been many debates on the advantages and disadvantages of Cable and DSL Internet. Cable has its own set of disadvantages that can definitely affect your speed and installation time frame.

Cable Internet
Surrounding areas share download & upload
High-Speed DSL
Each location has dedicated download & upload
With High-Speed DSL you'll get a dedicated line straight from your phone company. There is no bandwidth sharing with your neighbors. Your line is your line and you can maximize download and upload without affecting anyone else. As you can see in the chart on the right each orange line represents download and upload speed.

Also with Cable you'll need to setup a time for a professional installation. With DSL it can all be setup without a technician!
What is DSL?

Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a family of technologies that provides digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network. DSL originally stood for digital subscriber loop. In telecommunications marketing, the term Digital Subscriber Line is widely understood to mean Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL), the most commonly installed technical variety of DSL. DSL service is delivered simultaneously with regular telephone on the same telephone line. This is possible because DSL uses a higher frequency. These frequency bands are subsequently separated by filtering.

The data throughput of consumer DSL services typically ranges from 256 Kb/s to 20 Mbit/s in the direction to the customer (downstream), depending on DSL technology, line conditions, and service-level implementation. In ADSL, the data throughput in the upstream direction, (i.e. in the direction to the service provider) is lower, hence the designation of asymmetric service. In Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL) service, the downstream and upstream data rates are equal.

Source: Wikipedia definitions for DSL

Use our Express ISP Change to simplify changing Providers

DSL Service involves "Line Share". This is an administrative record that informs the Telephone Company that your phoneline has DSL, and with which Internet Service Provider. This record is in place to prevent conflicting orders from other service providers. Only one service provider may have "Line Share" at a time. This can cause conflicts when changing Internet Service Providers.

We've gone ahead and simplified that process. It's as easy as choosing an option when you place your Order!

When placing a New Order for Internet Service:

1. On Step 1: Order Options select that you have a current service provider at your location.

2. Select your provider or choose Other in the drop down list of ISPs.

3. Select Yes to authorize DSL Extreme to take over service on your existing line.

By selecting the authorize option your downtime will be greatly decreased. Most customers using the Express ISP Change have less than 24 hours of downtime!

Frequently Asked Questions about our High-Speed DSL

• Are DSL customers able to use their telephone or fax machine while accessing the Internet over DSL?

Yes. DSL allows customers to use their existing phone line for voice or fax communications while they use the DSL service for Internet access or data communication services.

• Will my telephone work even if my computer or modem is unplugged or disabled?

Yes. DSL modems have been designed so that your normal telephone service will operate even if the computer or DSL modem is unplugged or otherwise disabled.

• Can I connect more than one computer to my DSL service / Can I use a router?

Yes! While routers are not supported by DSLExtreme technical support, you may use them to connect multiple computers to your DSLExtreme connection.

• Does DSLExtreme filter any ports?

Port 25 is blocked for all customers to prevent against spam generated from our network by default. Customers who wish to remove this block may do so by changing their options in the members page.

• Does DSL require installing an additional phone line?

No. DSL technology utilizes higher frequency spectrums for data transmissions that are not being used by voice communications. This allows simultaneous analog voice or fax and DSL data transmission over the same telephone line. You still use your phone as you do now.

• What equipment do I need for DSL access?

A DSL end-user must be equipped with a DSL modem and a network ready computer. The DSL modem must be compatible with our DSL equipment and can be ordered from DSLExtreme. In addition, the end-user's computer must meet recommended minimum system requirements.

• Can I use any modem with my DSLExtreme DSL service?

No. For ATM circuits you must have an ADSL modem that supports rfc1483 bridge mode. SDSL modems are not compatible. Frame relay circuits will only work with Fujitsu DSL modems. Regular 56k dial-up modems will not work as a DSL modem. If you want to use a modem from another source, please check with us first to determine compatibility.

• What is the Supplier Surcharge Recovery (SSR)?

View an explanation of the SSR

• What is a Static IP address?

An IP (Internet Protocol) address identifies a computer or other device on the Internet for the purposes of sending or receiving data. It is much like a telephone number. Having a static IP enables you to be able to host a server or setup VPN's or remotely administer your computer. Basically you always know where on the internet your machine is because it isn't moving around.

• How does DSL support both voice and data on the same line?

Normal telephone usage occupies a very small portion of the total range of frequencies available over phone lines. DSL uses a range of frequencies that begin above where normal telephone usage stops. Micro-filters prevent the different ranges of signals from causing interference with one another.

For a full list of DSL Questions and Answers view our Knowledge Base article

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