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Get Fast Internet plus Home Phone Service

As Internet speeds have evolved so have we. We're proud to offer our new Fusion Broadband+Phone service to the masses. If your current DSL or Cable service doesn't provide enough speed or you'd like to lower your monthly payment then our Fusion Broadband+Phone is the perfect service.
UP TO20Mbps*
Enjoy download speeds up to 20Mbps (based on distance). You'll be able share this connec-
tion at home among all of your online capable devices without having to worry about overload-
ing your connection.

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One low monthly price for calls around the corner or across the country. We also offer some of the lowest international rates.

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Our Service Also Includes:
  • No Bandwidth Caps! Truly Unlimited
  • FREE Equipment & FREE Activation
  • FREE 24/7 Technical Support
  • 70GB of Email & FREE Online App Suite
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* 20Mbps is the maximum allowed speed per phone line pair. This is obtainable based on distance and the quality of the underlying phone line. You may get anywhere between 768KB and the maximum of 20Mbps. We do not guarantee your final speed.

** Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee will only be available for a limited time. For more details click here.

Applicable Taxes and Fees: An estimation of the voice taxes and fees per City can be found here. A description of all the possible City taxes and fees can be found here.

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