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Lost Password Netopia 3546 ADSL Smart Gateway w/ 4 port switch  

Lost Password Netopia 3546 ADSL Smart Gateway w/ 4 port switch
Lose your password?
If you don't have a password, there are three ways to access the Cayman Gateway:
The “reset password” method.
This method requires “console” access. You must have a serial console cable connection between your PC and the Cayman gateway. This method does not apply to Macintosh computers. You can find instructions for this method in Tech Note CQG_100, on the Netopia website. Go to the following
URL: http://www.netopia.com/en-us/support/technotes/hardware/CQG_100.html
The “backdoor password” method
This method is more complicated, but it preserves your configuration settings. This method is documented in Tech Note CIR_006, on the Netopia website. Go to the following URL:
The “paperclip reset” method
This method resets the Gateway to its factory default state, and you can enter a new password, but you must reconfigure all your settings.
Reset to Factory Defaults
This is a simple and fast method of resetting the Gateway to its factory
default state. In this state, you can create a new password and gain access
to the configuration screens.
Keep in mind that all of your settings will need to be reconfigured.
1. On the bottom of the unit, find the small round Reset Switch opening.
2. Carefully insert the point of an unwound paperclip into the opening until you feel the reset button inside the unit.
3. Press this switch. The status lights will flash, and the Gateway will reboot.
This will reset the unit to factory defaults and you will now be able to reprogram the Cayman Gateway.



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