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Helping the "Server Hugger" to Embrace Cloud Computing

CHICAGO, IL, July 28, 2008 - DNAmail, a premier provider of email hosting services, will be present at the 2008 HostingCon tradeshow in Chicago, Illinois, July 28-30. As part of their attendance, George Mitsopoulos, VP and General Manager of DNAmail will be speaking on mail services and how to help "server huggers" inside organizations let go of their mail server hardware and maintenance and feel comfortable about outsourced "cloud computing" technologies. DNAmail assists small and mid-sized businesses, organizations, and Internet service vendors to harness the power of web-based mail and messaging tools like Microsoft Exchange 2007, Blackberry Enterprise Services, and Google Apps.

"There are three economic factors that will drive companies of all sizes to consider outsourcing their email," said Dean Russ, VP of Information Technology at DNAmail. "These include the declining costs of digital storage, the declining costs of servers, and the rising costs of labor in relation to in-house IT maintenance."

"Internal server administrators can't keep up with the flood of spam, server filters, fixes, and patches," said Russ. "Most companies were not created to deliver and support email. DNAmail allows IT administrators to focus on their business, customers and employees rather than the constant server upkeep associated with email."

Information workers in small and mid-sized companies are becoming highly fluent in customerdriven online "cloud computing" services. Email is still the heart of company communications, and workers are adopting new mobile services including over-the-air push email devices like the iPhone 3G and Blackberry.

"Now is the right time for organizations to be outsourcing their mail services," said George Naspo, CEO, IKANO Communications Inc., parent company of DNAmail. "IT administrators can look to DNAmail for their email needs. Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps for businesses and service organizations are serious email solutions that can reduce IT costs and improve uptime and support."

Visit DNAmail at HostingCon 2008 (Booth #322), July 28-30 in Chicago, and be sure to attend Mitsopoulos' discussion on cloud computing technologies. To find out more about how DNAmail can help your organization evolve, call Bonnie Bird at 818-435-1107 or visit www.DNAmail.com.

About DNAmail
DNAmail provides Microsoft Exchange 2007 email technology to enhance business collaboration and productivity. Connecting employees to a secure, central area for messaging, calendaring, and contacts, DNAmail gives businesses the freedom to easily work between multiple office locations and across multiple mobile devices.

With IT professionals who specialize in maintaining guaranteed uptime, spam filtering, virus protection, security and reliability of communication services, DNAmail delivers enterprisequality e-mail hosting at a fraction of the cost. Plans start at $9.95 a month per mailbox, with a 30-day free trial.

DNAmail is a Blackberry Alliance Member, Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, and Google Apps Aggregator.

About IKANO Communications, Inc.
IKANO, founded in 1999, is a provider of IP solutions including email, Internet access, hosting, billing and end user support. IKANO makes it easy for customers and service providers to maintain their unique brand while eliminating the hassle of maintaining servers, network contracts and call centers. IKANO provides Google Apps services and support for businesses and organizations. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, the company has offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Toronto. IKANO is backed by Insight Venture Partners and other investors. Companies interested in learning more about IKANO should contact [email protected], call 866-422-8890, or visit http://www.ikano.com/googleapps.


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