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DSL Extreme Opens 'Business Plus' - A Full Suite of Internet Services for Small Businesses

LOS ANGELES, CA, October 27, 2009 - DSL Extreme, a leading provider of high-speed Internet access and business communications services, announced today the availability of a new offering for business customers named Business Plus (www.dslextreme.biz). The premium business website offers a complete menu of services including high-speed Internet connectivity, hosted email communications, and web hosting services.

Business Plus makes it easier for small to medium-sized businesses to order a full suite of Internet services from one vendor. "Many of our customers wanted expanded connectivity offerings beyond residential Internet speeds and email. Business Plus offers a layered cake of services to choose from, all on one bill supported by our unique 24/7 dedicated Business Customer Care Team," said George Mitsopoulos, Vice President and General Manager of DSL Extreme. "Our customers prefer a single point of contact for their Fiber, DSL, T1, Email, Collaboration Tools, and Web Hosting. It simply takes the hassle out of knowing what to order, how to pay, and who to call."

DSL Extreme's core connectivity offerings include Fiber Extreme, priced at $49.95 per month for speeds up to 10.0Mbps and $179.95 per month for speeds up to 50.0Mbps. Fiber Extreme is now available to millions of businesses in 17 states. DSL, ADLS2+ or Fiber Services are generally suitable for businesses with up to 25 employees. DSL Extreme also offers T1 or Direct Ethernet Service more suited for larger businesses with over 25 employees.

With high-bandwidth fiber, small businesses can layer the latest communications tools for their employees - including messaging, calendaring, collaboration, document sharing, and video. DSL Extreme is a Microsoft Gold certified partner and Blackberry Alliance member and provides Microsoft Exchange hosted email and Outlook, SharePoint 3.0, and Blackberry support. In addition DSL Extreme offers Google Apps Premier Edition for always-on communication and collaboration services including Gmail, Google Talk, Google Calendar, Google Sites, Google Video, and Google Docs.

DSL Extreme has also expanded into specialized IT hosting for businesses through a partnership with sister company Virtacore Systems, Inc. New offerings include virtual private cloud systems, specialized virtualization, dedicated servers, and managed hosting services.

"Small businesses that are resource constrained can benefit from Business Plus. The layered services expand as your business expands, but billing and support stay consistent through one provider," says George Naspo, CEO, IKANO Communications, Inc., the Salt Lake City-based parent company of DSL Extreme and Virtacore Systems, Inc. "Business owners can focus on their core business by outsourcing communications, mobile email services, and hosting services to DSL Extreme."

To learn how to order Business Plus Internet services from DSL Extreme, call 800-949-3759 or visit www.dslextreme.biz.

About DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme is the largest private DSL provider in California and offers high-speed Internet services nationwide. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Los Angeles, DSL Extreme offers a suite of online services for consumer and business customers - including Fiber, DSL and T1 Internet access, hosted email, website hosting and data circuits with superior quality connectivity. The DSL Extreme network serves nearly one hundred thousand clients across the country. To learn more, visit www.dslextreme.com.

About IKANO Communications, Inc.

IKANO Communications, Inc. is a leading provider of web-based communication solutions for business and residential customers in the US and Canada - including Internet access, email, specialized hosting, portal, billing and support. IKANO's services are offered directly and through hundreds of ISPs and other partners on a wholesale and private label basis. IKANO makes it easy for service providers to maintain a unique brand while eliminating the hassle of network contracts, servers, and call centers. IKANO offers Google Apps Partner Edition for service providers in North America. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, the company has offices in Los Angeles, Seattle, and Toronto. For more information, visit www.ikano.com.


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