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DSL Extreme and Sonic.net partner to bring innovative Fusion Broadband + Phone service to Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA, January 30, 2013 - DSL Extreme, a leading provider of high-speed Internet access and business communication services, announced today the launch of its new product, DSL Extreme Fusion Broadband + Phone. In partnership with Sonic.net, DSL Extreme Fusion Broadband + Phone utilizes the latest ADSL2+ technology to bundle high speed Internet with traditional home phone service at competitive rates. The new service will be available to businesses and residential customers throughout greater Los Angeles and Sacramento.

DSL Extreme believes this latest offering will meet the needs of existing and new clients. "In today's market, we see increased demand for bundled services that offer high speeds, full features, and attractive pricing. We are excited to offer the affordable Fusion Broadband + Phone bundled package to our customers," said George Mitsopoulos, General Manger of DSL Extreme. He added "By working with trusted partner Sonic.net and using existing phone lines, DSL Extreme is able to expand its current suite of services to businesses and consumers, all of which are supported by our outstanding customer care team."

DSL Extreme Fusion Broadband + Phone

Currently available in greater Los Angeles and Sacramento markets, DSL Extreme Fusion Broadband + Phone offers clients up to 20 MB per second download speed and 1 MB (or faster) upload speed – with unlimited downloads and no bandwidth caps. Traditional home phone service is included and provides unlimited nationwide calling to all 50 states, international calling at reasonable rates, and numerous standard features such as voicemail, caller ID, call waiting and call forwarding. Customers can port their existing phone number to DSL Extreme or can order new phone service and a new phone number. Pricing starts at $39.95 per month with a one-year commitment.

George Naspo, President and CEO of DSL Extreme's parent company IKANO Communications, commented further "Our clients will love the Fusion product. It offers more for less. We are pleased to work closely with Sonic.net, a long time, respected competitor and now partner, for the benefit of DSL Extreme's customer base."

Interested clients will be able to pre-qualify and sign up for DSL Extreme Fusion Broadband + Phone service online. Setup is easy and includes a modem that is pre-configured and works right out of the box. To learn more, visit www.dslextreme.com/fusion or call 866-243-8638.

About DSL Extreme

DSL Extreme is the largest private DSL provider in California and offers high-speed Internet services nationwide. Founded in 1999 and headquartered in Los Angeles, DSL Extreme provides a full suite of online and communication services for consumers and business customers – including DSL, Fiber and T1 Internet access, as well as hosted email, web hosting and data circuits with superior quality connectivity. DSL Extreme is a wholly-owned subsidiary of IKANO Communications – a leading provider of Internet access, Google Apps, and hybrid cloud solutions – which is backed by Insight Venture Partners. The DSL Extreme network and world-class customer service team support nearly 100,000 clients across the country. To learn more, visit www.dslextreme.com.

About Sonic.net

Sonic.net, founded in 1994, provides broadband access to consumers and wholesale ISP partners in a thirteen state region. Sonic.net's flagship Fusion product combines unlimited high speed broadband and local and long distance home telephone service. For more information, visit www.sonic.net.


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