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3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch 16 Plus 3C16792  

3Com OfficeConnect Dual Speed Switch 16 Plus 3C16792-US

Connecting Workstations and Other Equipment to Your Switch
10BASE-T cables are very easy to use. To connect a 10BASE-T cable, simply slot the connector into the relevant RJ-45 port. When the connector is fully in, its latch locks it into place. To disconnect the cable, push the connector’s latch in and remove it.
When a TP cable is connected to the Switch at one end and a workstation other equipment at other and both unit are powered, the Switch will automatically detect whether a ’straight ’ or ’Crossover’ cable is being used and will compensate if required. The units will then ’Auto negotiate’ to determine the fastest possible link speed between them. This may take a few seconds and the outcome will be reflected in the LED’s on the front of the Switch.
If the equipment connected to the Switch does not support auto-negotiation or if it has been disabled, it must be configured to operate in half duplex mode.
The Switch detects all port connections, so you can start using your network immediately. If you need more ports, simply add another OfficeConnect unit.
Connecting OfficeConnect Units to Your Switch
You can increase the number of workstations that can connect to your network by adding OfficeConnect units (such as hubs and other switches). You can connect either a 10BASE-T or a 100BASE-TX OfficeConnect unit to each port of the Switch.
The Switch has been designed to aid you when detecting and solving possible problems with your network. These problems are rarely serious; the cause is usually a disconnected or damaged cable, or incorrect configuration. If this section does not solve your problem, contact your supplier for information on what to do next. Perform these actions first:
  • Ensure all network equipment is powered on.
  • Power each piece of network equipment off, wait about 5 seconds and then power each one on.
Check the following symptoms and solutions:
Power LED not lit. Check your power adapter connection. If there is still no power, you may have a faulty power adapter which needs replacing with another OfficeConnect power adapter. Do not use any other power adapter with the Switch.
Port Status LED not lit for a port that has a TP cable connected. After connection it may take several seconds for the port status LED's to illuminate. The port status LED should turn Green or Yellow for each port that is connected. The Duplex LED may or may not illuminate.
lf the Port Status LED has not lit after several seconds, ensure the connected device is powered, the TP cable is not damaged and that it is correctly inserted at both ends
You may find a TP cable works when connected to the Switch but doesn't if it is disconnected from the Switch and connected to a different piece of equipment. This may be due to the advanced automatic MDI / MDIX feature of the Switch that the other equipment may not have.
Alert LED continuously lit. Power down the Switch and disconnect all network connections. Wait about 5 seconds and power the Switch back up. If the Alert LED is continuously lit it can mean there is a problem with your Switch. The 5, 8 and 16 port Switches will also turn the Alert LED on if there is a high level of broadcast traffic or the Switch detects a network loop. To determine whether this is the case, connect one network connection at a time, waiting a few seconds between each.


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