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  • Fast fiber-optic network
  • 768Kb for $17.95/mo
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  • Includes phone service
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Business Internet Solutions for Small to Large Companies

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    From small to large companies our dedicated solutions offer the highest speed and most reliability. Connections as low as $115/mo. We also offer speeds up to 50Mbps
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  • trueSTREAM Business

    For home office or small offices our services includes dedicated support and a low monthly price. Get speeds up to 75Mbps!
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  After one call to the tech dept they were all over it. The speed and courtesy of the tech dept is unreal!  

From Dean Y.
2015-01-15 Max Plus 18Mbps 5
  • @jank0 @DSL Extreme Thanks for the prompt resolution! 2014-11-26 Max Turbo 24Mbps 5
  • @JimOnderisin My new trueSTREAM from @DSL
    is rocking. Getting 50
    2014-11-17 Power 45Mbps 5