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General Settings  

Here is some frequently requested information:

Phone Numbers: 
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DNS Server Addresses:

Southern California Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Northern California Primary DNS:
Secondary DNS:
Mail Server Addresses/Info:
Username: username@dslextreme.com
Incoming Mail Server: mail.dslextreme.com - Port 995 (for POP3) or Port 993 (for IMAP)
Outgoing Mail Server: smtp.dslextreme.com - Port 465
Both Incoming and Outgoing require a secure connection (SSL)

Usenet Server (NNTP) Address:
news.dslextreme.com (username/password required) Enter your username as
your username@dslextreme.com
The News Server (news.dslextreme.com) and the Game Server is a complimentary services and carry no uptime or throughput guarantees.


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  After one call to the tech dept they were all over it. The speed and courtesy of the tech dept is unreal!  

From Dean Y.
  • @jank0 @DSL Extreme Thanks for the prompt resolution!
  • @JimOnderisin My new trueSTREAM from @DSL
    is rocking. Getting 50