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How to install SBC Yahoo! DSL without the CD they send you  

How to install SBC Yahoo! DSL without the CD they send you
When you receive your Yahoo! DSL self-install kit, you'll find a CD.  Don't be tempted.  Setup is easier, faster, and better without the CD.  The compact disc installs complicated spyware and a customized browser, which do little or nothing for your Internet experience.  Included here are instructions for a direct setup. No CD makes for better setup!
If your equipment is the 2Wire HomePortal
  1. Plug in the HomePortal, connecting your computer directly to the Ethernet jack.
  1. Start a web browser and enter either "" or "homeportal/setup/cdless.html".  If you get a web page you're doing great, skip to step 4.
  1. You need to set up a local area network.  If using Windows, go to "Settings->Network and Dialup Connections", then make a "Dial up" connection to the Internet via a "LAN".  Skip the automatic proxy configuration, skip the email step.
  1. You need to enter a "key code" into the Home Portal.  A list of key codes can be found at www.2Wire.com/keycode. For SBC Yahoo! DSL enter "5225-26Q4-2262-22AS-B28F".
  1. Now you need to register and get a permanent password.  Visit "support.sbcglobal.net/register", and enter your personal information (usually your DSL telephone number).  Mozilla and Linux users note that you might have trouble entering your phone number, due to bugs in the SBC web page.  Try a different browser.
  1. That's it.  You should be live. Run a speed test over at www.BroadbandReports.com/ to be sure you're getting all the speed you paid for.
  1. If you have trouble, you can visit the secret management page on the 2Wire Portal -- "homeportal/management".  Your HomePortal takes care of everything: it is an all-in-one box that functions as a DSL Modem, broadband router, firewall and home networking hub with WiFi, USB, Phone Line and Ethernet, .  Some of that functionality is hidden in the management pages (for example, the control that lets you lower the transmit power for 802.11b wireless WiFi networking). Note that the 2Wire registers itself, transmitting certain personal data (such as how many connected computers you have) directly to SBC and 2Wire. SBC and 2Wire can dial into your router for tech support. Big brother? Maybe. But also useful.

If your equipment is a SpeedStream DSL bridge
If you were supplied with the basic DSL bridge, you can still do without the CD.  The easiest way is to purchase a broadband router, such as the Linksys BEFSR11.  Simply use the router to establish a "PPPoE" type connection to "[email protected]" with password "sbcyahooreg", then visit "support.sbcglobal.net/register" to set up a permanent user name and password.
If you really don't want to purchase additional equipment, you can connect the bridge directly to a PC.  For security reasons I don't recommend it, especially if you run Windows.  But if you insist, instructions can be found at http://www.disk919.com/bb/archived_learnins/install_sbc_yahoo_dsl_without_cd/.
If your equipment is a SpeedStream one port router
Some SpeedStream equipment actually includes a router, not just a bridge. You can't tell from the model number, or the number of lights on the front. Routers have a web page at or If you have a router, just enter your PPPoE information. Or disable the router (turning the SpeedStream into a bridge) and add your own router.
Relevant models include: SpeedStream 5100 (bridge), SpeedStream 5100B (router), SpeedStream 5260 (bridge), SpeedStream 5660 (router). But, older models can be flashed to have newer router firmware.


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