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Fiber Extreme FAQ  

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What is Fiber Optics? 

Fiber optics (optical fibers) are long, thin strands of very pure glass about the diameter of a human hair. They are arranged in bundles called optical cables and used to transmit light signals over long distances. With Fiber you are not limited on the amount of data you can transfer, like you are with copper wiring.

Where is Fiber Optics available?

DSL Extreme Fiber service is only available in Verizon areas.  The following states have Fiber service available in some areas:


Is Fiber distance sensitive like DSL?

Fiber is not distance limiting. If you qualify for Fiber service, you qualify for all of the speed plans. Speeds are as follows:






Is professional installation required?

All Fiber plans require a Professional Install that is done by a Verizon technician. There is no fee for the Professional Install at this time. Customers can choose their preferred install day of the week Monday – Saturday and we will provide them with the earliest installation date based on the day they chose. For example, if you chose an install day as Thursday and the first Thursday appointment is 3 weeks away, that is the date you will get. Customers can also choose “any” and we will give them the first available appointment. The install appointments are not given a specific time, they are all day appointments and they can last up to 8 hours.

What’s the process of the professional installation?

Prior to the Fiber Extreme install date a technician will come to the location and run a cable from the telephone pole to your home. This does not require you to be home, and no notification of when this will occur is provided. On the install date the technician will run the fiber cable to a box that they install called an ONT box (Optical Network Terminal) outside of your home. This box is similar to what we call the NID or MPOE for DSL service. From the ONT box they use the existing COAX or cable wire and run wires into the house. Inside the house the cables are plugged into another box called the Battery Backup Device which is installed near the floor. The Battery Backup Device will power the ONT in case of a power outage so that the customer can still use their phone.  From the battery backup device a cable is run to the Westell Router. The technician brings the router to the location on the day of the install.

What equipment is needed for Fiber?

Instead of a modem, Fiber uses a wireless router that is installed by the Verizon technician. The Verizon tech will bring it to the location when they come out to do the installation. Unfortunately, you cannot provider their own equipment. It must be the router provided by the Verizon tech.

Ordering info:
  • Fiber is dedicated – no phone line is needed.
  • Routers are on a free lease basis. They should be returned to DSL Extreme upon cancellation of service.
  • All plans are on an initial 1 year contract. There is an Early Termination fee upon cancellation of contract. After initial contract plans go month to month with the option to renew.
  • Time frame is 5-15 business days from order to live based on Verizon’s availability and the week day that the customer chose to do the install.
  • If customers have phone service (no DSL) at the time of install Verizon should just change the phone service from copper wiring to fiber.
  • If the customer have phone service AND DSL Verizon will leave the phone and DSL on copper wiring. You CAN have fiber and DSL at the same time.  Verizon will install the Fiber separate from the current DSL and phone service.. It will be the the customer's responsibility to opt to change the phone service and DSL to Fiber if they so choose to. Therefore, if customers want to switch from DSL to fiber they can do so with no downtime.


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